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He knows the area and realizes the danger of springs hidden beneath the snow, covered only by a thin sheet of ice. Again cursing the man now got angry at himself for not having the mind to make the fire in the open. He panics, drops his matches, and is unable to pick them up.

He decides that any man can travel alone as long as he keeps his head. His fingers are so numb that he cannot hold his biscuit. Although aware of the dangers of the journey, the man is confident.

To Build a Fire: Essay Q&A

He arrived at the road-fork by noon, just as he had planned, and celebrated this by sitting himself down on a tree-log to eat his lunch, he removed his mitten, but almost instantly as he did this, his fingers went numb from the brief exposure to the cold.

As a safety precaution he forced the dog to walk ahead of him while walking through the dangerous snow, suddenly the dog burst through the surface with its paws, the man dragged the dog back, it instinctively wanted to lick the ice that was forming between its toes, the man helped removing the ice, and then they continued.

He begins to rebuild the fire, aware that he will lose toes, and possibly his feet, to frostbite. In the snow he was walking he came across dark paths which to the man indicated that there would be small water-pockets beneath the white surface, to get wet when the weather was this cold, could lead to truly dire consequences least of which he would be delayed and would not meet the boys back at the shack at six.

It also highlights how spare the story is as it focuses on one unnamed man and his dog; fire is instead made central because if one is lit the man will be able to live. The journey thus brilliantly announced is, as I have implied, more than a literal journey, although the hard, realistic surface of the narrative may obscure what ought to be obvious.

The dog, however, is depicted as a symbol of nature and unlike the man it has adapted to its environment. He succeeds in picking them up, finally, and by using his teeth, he rips one match out of the pack.

He now realizes that perhaps he had reason to worry and that he had forgotten to build a fire for warmth. As he approaches death and at first panics and then decides to sleep, it is possible at last to feel empathy for him.

His only companion is his wolf-dog. He travelled light, only carrying his lunch.

To Build a Fire - Summary

There he has experiences, including a liaison with Jees Uck, a native girl, which give him new insights and values. It was cold, but the cold did not bother the man.

To Build a Fire: Essay Q&A

Day had broken cold and gray, exceedingly cold and gray, when the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail and climbed the high earthbank, where a dim and little-traveled trail led eastward through the fat spruce timberland.

Throughout all our history so many great pieces of literature were introduced that everyone will have an easy time picking something to read. His immediate reaction is anger because he will be delayed by building another fire.

Outline the relevance of the title. When the fire he builds is extinguished by snow, and he still needs to get dry, the title becomes an urgent command as he knows he is facing death if he fails to re-build it.

He managed to make the fire, reaching for branches from the tree and put them in the fire, but for every branch he tugged free from the tree, the snow-mass on top of it started loosen up, and suddenly it all fell down on the tiny fire.

By by domyessayscom Literature is an amazing accomplishment of our civilization. His cheeks where numb from the cold, it certainly was cold.

It is only when he accepts the likelihood of his death that his imagination comes to life.

To build a fire - summary

The book that we are going to be discussing tonight was written by one of the most beloved authors in the history of USA — Jack London. Summary Essay on “To Build A Fire” Paper details: The directions from my professor are below: “I am looking for a paper approximately one page in length.

This can be organized as one long paragraph or divided into four short paragraphs. To Build a Fire - Summary.

To Build a Fire - Summary

To build a fire The man trailed off the main Yukon trail. There was snow everywhere, but there was no sun to shine upon it, the sun had not shown its face for many days/5(1). To Build a Fire by Jack London Essay Words | 4 Pages To Build a Fire by Jack London The short story "To build a Fire" by Jack London, tells about the relationship between man and nature.

In Jack London’s To Build a Fire the setting of the short story plays a significant role. Jack London uses specific techniques to establish the atmosphere and tone of the story.

To Build a Fire study guide contains a biography of Jack London, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About To Build a Fire To Build a Fire Summary. London had two different stories called “To Build a Fire,” the first was a lot shorter. “London obviously used his additional wordage for greater artistic effect, creating a narrative mystery and an atmosphere lacking in his.

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