Deconstructing an australian icon ned kelly essay

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Who was Ned Kelly?

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Ned Kelly and Nations Culture - Essay Example

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Ned Kelly is confirmed as Australia's best-known colonial figure and folk hero. Immortalized in Sidney Nolan's paintings and mythologized in various cultural milieux, Kelly has transcended bushranging to symbolize a romantic and rebellious aspect of Australian identity.

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May 18,  · Saturday, May 18, Deconstructing an Australian Icon - Ned Kelly. The question is who chose Ned Kelly—the Australian government or the Australian people?

Historical documents provide objective evidence concerning the issue of the popularization of Ned as a national icon and a definitive answer to whether his iconic status is the result of nationalistic propaganda or the natural process of oral traditions.

Bushrangers: Ned Kelly and Australian identity Deconstructing an australian icon ned kelly essay
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